Effective July 1, 2003, ADRC will require a pre-employment drug test for every candidate offered employment within the agency.  ADRC adopts this policy in keeping with our Mission, Vision and Principles Statement to provide a safe and healthy environment for our clients, employees, guests and visitors.

All offers of employment are contingent upon the candidate successfully completing a pre-employment drug test prior to the commencement of employment.  Refusing to take the pre-employment drug test, altered or inconclusive test results will disqualify any candidate from employment with ADRC and any employment offer extended will be withdrawn.  This testing poicy also does not modify the employment-at-will status.

The Human Resource Department will schedule a pre-employment drug test to be conducted by the Center for Occupational Health within two weeks of employment offer, but no less than 48 hours pior to start date to allow for all test results to be received and reviewed.

The Center for Occupational Health will notify any individual who fails to pass the drug test and will be counseled by the Medical Review Officer in the Center for Occupational Health.  Any offer of employment will be revoked by ADRC, unless the Medical Review Officer presents ADRC with qualifying medical exceptions.

I have read and understand ADRC Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy.  If I am offered a position at ADRC I will submit to a drug test.

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